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Holidays can be stressful for you and your pets.  We have some rules in our house to help keep our pets safe during the holidays.

  1. Pets aren’t allowed in the kitchen while my parents cook.  This prevents them from gobbling up dropped food or from having a kitchen accident.  Some dogs can get bad burns on their backs from dripped grease when transferring turkeys from the oven or spilled liquids when moving pots.
  2. Our pets are put in another room when buffets are set out or when guests are eating.  This prevents them from getting food they’re not supposed to eat.  Many pets get upset tummies or worse from indulging in holiday meals.
  3. We try to keep our pets diets the same during the holidays.  While it nice to give a treat every now and then, too many treats can be bad for pets.  If you want to give a treat during thanksgiving, a small piece of fully cooked boneless turkey, a lick of mashed potatoes, or a few green beans is probably fine.  You can add this on top of their regular food to make their holiday meal special without changing their usual diet.
  4. We must give our pets quiet time, especially when we have visitors.  My cousin and I love to play with our dogs and cats when she comes in town.  Mom and Dad let us know when it is play time and we when need to take a break.  They say that too much excitement can be stressful to even the friendliest pets.
  5. We try to make our decorations pet friendly.  Our cats like to nibble plants, so we don’t use holly, mistletoe, poinsettias, or lilies in our décor because they can make our pets sick.  We also don’t decorate with tinsel which cats love to play with, but they sometimes eat it and get it suck in their intestines.  Our Christmas tree is anchored to make sure it doesn’t fall and injure our pets.  We also never leave candles unattended.
  6. We warn all our guests to lock up their medications.  Many travelers bring their medications with them in easy open containers.  We have nosy pets that love to sniff around in other people’s luggage, so we warn our guests to lock up anything potentially dangerous to them.

I’ll be at the clinic to help my parents with sick animals if you need me, but I hope this helps your pets stay healthy over the holidays!